Insight Employment Mediation provides critical training for your organization.  We combine years of experience mediating workplace conflict - combined with a background in psychology and employment law - to provide educational, informative and stimulating tips, tools and techniques  for supervisors and human resource personnel to  improve their skills at preventing and resolving workplace conflict.

"Thank you for a great and informative day, with a lot of good practical and usable strategies!"

                                                                                      - Terry T., Conflict Coaching seminar attendee


  • Conflict Coaching and Facilitation
  • Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills
  • Effective Workplace Communication
  • Harassment/Discrimination
  • Avoiding Employment Claims
  • Conducting Effective Investigations
  • Individual Executive Coaching
  • Growing your Mediation Practice

"I feel inspired and energized and can't wait to get started..... you are amazing and I am so glad I got the chance to work with you!" --   Amy V., mediator 

Insight Employment Mediation will customize training for your organization, from 2 hours to 5 full-days.     


       "Amy, you are PHENOMENAL!  What a blessing to have been taught by the best, genuine and competent ADR professional." - Rhonda T., Conflict Coaching / Facilitation trainee

      "Thank you Amy for sharing your book, cheat sheets, competence, dancing, energy, experiences, flexibility, fun, handouts, humor, knowledge, lessons learned, music, PowerPoint, singing, takeaways, wisdom and You Tube videos with us!"  - Anthony J., Conflict Coaching / Facilitation trainee

      "Loved the lists....Excellent materials, very handy and easy to use, lots of great tips!" - Markette M., Conflict  Coaching / Facilitation trainee

      "Thank you Amy for your knowledge, your energy and the passion you have for this work!" - Larry V., Conflict Coaching / Facilitation trainee

    "I really appreciated the mixture of the training tools, it really enhanced the learning / retention aspect and gave us tools we can use!" - Ana P., Coaching /  Facilitation trainee

Conflict Management for Leaders


Get the information, tools and experiential practice you need to prevent and resolve workplace conflict with INSIGHTS, Conflict Management for Leaders. Learn to use Mediation Success guidelines and principles to successfully address workplace conflict. In this training, you will:

  • Understand the Nature of Conflict
  • Set the Stage for Successful Conflict Resolution
  • Get to Peace: Overview of “Mediation Success” process
  • Reach the Real Issue: Convert Positions to Interests
  • Communicate to Resolve: The Art of Listening and Questioning
  • Conflict Management Styles: Yours and Theirs
  • Deal with Anger and Emotion
  • Address the 5 Core Workplace Concerns: Unfairness, Distrust, Lack of Respect, Communication and Psychic Income
  • Ensure Success: Documentation, Implementation and Follow-Through

Day One: Get the Information: Content, Demonstration, and Communication Exercises
Day Two: Get the Practice: Content and Demonstration, Role-plays and Debriefs

Contact us for more information or to customize training for your organization! 

      "Really enjoyed this training! Amy is very knowledgeable and brings the topic to life with the course handbook quick-reference guide and the real-life scenarios!" - Michelle C.

       "Materials were clear and concise, and instructor was effective, enthusiastic and fun to work with!" - Michael B.

      "The best part was getting to practice the skills and getting constructive feedback. Loved the examples and stories!" -Angie


Internal Investigations 

This training program that will provide you with a thorough grounding in internal investigations – and will arm you with the knowledge of how to properly conduct internal investigations to minimize legal liability and reduce employee complaints. This program is packed with practical tools, tips, and techniques to improve your investigative skills – and boost your confidence in handling sensitive and complex employee issues and workplace investigations. By attending the program, you will learn how to properly handle an investigation, including:

Understanding the legal obligations that require employers to conduct internal investigations

o    How to get the “trifecta” of evidence: documentary, physical, and testimonial evidence

o   How to prepare questions for witness interviews 

o    How to conduct witness interviews to get through the nonsense, save time, and avoid “he said/she said” cases

o    How to select appropriate–and safe–interviewing locations

o    How to analyze investigative findings and write a thorough investigative report

o    Best practices in handling disciplinary action and terminations to avoid stepping on legal land mines


Insight Mediation Webinar 

Get it Out, Get it Over, Get Back to Business!



Tired of dealing with feuding staff?  Do you ever wish they could just get along and do their work? 

If you sincerely want to understand the bad behaviors that cause conflict, read on.  

Learn the Top 10 Destructive Dynamics that damage relationships in your organization  – and the restorative actions designed to rebuild and repair them.        

This inspiring and insightful webinar will educate you on the 10 key sources of friction that compound conflict among colleagues.  Expand your knowledge and build your skills on how to respond, coach and counsel to rebuild, repair and ease tensions at work.          

Amy Lieberman gives you the answers, based on years of insights from employees, managers, supervisors, executives  and colleagues with tough conflicts who drastically improved their work relationships by understanding the 10 Destructive Dynamics and changing their behavior. 

Conflict management is a core competency for HR professionals and leaders today.   




Human resource professionals, in-house counsel, executives, managers, and other employees who want to learn or improve their mediation skills, and those who are looking for new and better ways to resolve workplace disputes.

View the full agenda here. 



 This 40-hour training includes 20 hours of simulated mediation sessions, and covers the following subjects:

  • Conflict Management Theory and Styles

  • Preparing for Mediation: Do’s and Don’ts

  • Mediation Rules and Procedures

  • Opening Mediation Agenda

  • Effective Communication, Negotiation, and Facilitation Skills

  • Positions and Interests

  • Stages in the Mediation Process

  • Management of Anger and Other Emotions

  • Use of Private Sessions

  • Impasse Strategies

  • Ethical Concerns

  • Mediated Settlement Agreements

  • Establishing a Mediation Practice


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Do your managers know what behavior can lead to workplace liability? Do they know the best ways to handle workplace conflict?

Prevent conflict from escalating. Workplace conflict - and ultimately, liability - can arise from many directions. Employees feel frustrated because of inaccurate performance reviews, perceived unfair treatment, harassment, discrimination, “hostile work environment” situations, ADA / FMLA violations, claims of defamation and invasion of privacy, claims of broken promises that lead to breach of contract…to name a few. All these claims require investigation, and the appropriate response.



Train your managers so you can prevent workplace liability  

  • Create a positive work environment
  • Give supervisors the skills to investigate and respond to complaints
  • Resolve conflicts at the lowest level




What Intel Mediation training attendees are saying about us:

This is a very promising program that can really make a difference in having a positive experience in the workplace.  The mere existence of such a program says something about how we’ll commit to exploring alternative ways to resolve issues, and how we value relationships and individuals.”   Barbara J.,  HR professional 

Thank you Amy for this excellent class and for your great energy and commitment to engaging with us as future mediators!”  Sabina T., HR professional

I’m very excited about mediation now and can’t wait to use the new tools and skills you taught me, at work and in my personal life at home as well!” – Kandi, HR professional

I really feel like this course has expanded my overall skill set.  I’ve already started using some of the techniques in my one-to-one’s…” – Jenny W., HR professional


What NASA ADR training attendees are saying about us:

"Awesome, trainers were absolutely wonderful! Very informative, best ADR training I've had.  Examples and stories were extremely helpful."

"Excellent real world advice for conflict resolution." 


Training Series delivered to one company on Performance Management, Conflict Management and Sexual Harassment:

"Amy, Just wanted to let you know that we have a ton of managers who have let us know how much they have enjoyed the class!  They have gained so much from this and are excited to implement the information and knowledge gained.  Great job!"     --- J. Riggs, HR professional

Training on Sexual Harassment, post "#Metoo":

"Thank you so much for yesterday - you truly made our day interesting and informative!"

--G. Blake, CFO 


 Member of the National Mediation Training Registry 

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