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Training Testimonials 




"Amy, Thank you for speaking at our 51st Anuual Human Resources Conference & Expo. Your presentation was extremely well received and evaluations are very favorable. Your presentation greatly contributed to the success of this Conference. We truly appreciate the time and energy that you put into the program. We couldn't have done it without you!"

            Amy Greathouse, President, Arizona Employers' Council, Inc.


"Donna, fantastic job! I have received so many positive comments about your recent Conflict Resolution Class that I had to reach out and simply say thanks.  Your memorable instruction provided valuable insight/tools on how to effectively handle and resolve conflict in the workplace.  A very good class - again, my thanks." 

Chief Roy Minter Jr., Chief of Police, Peoria Police Department

"Your knowledge of the subject matter was outstanding and your superior communication skills set you far above the average. You have the amazing ability to hold the attention of those in the classroom setting and you are an outstanding educator! ."

              Ben C. Pearson, attorney and realtor 


  “Excellent presenter…the role-playing helped me learn how to put my knowledge into an actual situation and stress preparedness.” 
HR Director, on “Mediating Employee Disputes” training

"Amy, the Mediation Training was as powerful as you described. You are a great teacher and a role-model. Thanks for putting so much of you into it."  
Mike Ingersoll President, Ingersoll Consulting, assistant personnel director (retired), City of Phoenix

"One of the best trainings I have attended...Presented real world scenarios, explained all concepts in detail."  
Hat Anderson, HR, SCF of AZ

“A great class for personal skills and development.”  
Wilbur Yermeulen, realtor

“Thank you for helping us during the mediation training…I hope you continue to work in the mediation and conflict management field.” 
Neal Beets, City Attorney, City of Mesa

"One of the best presentations on the subject I've seen in 20 years." 
         Neil Johnson, Johnson Settlement Resources



“Based on the impact she has had with our staff, I would highly recommend using Amy in the training and development of all levels of employees.  Her personable approach and style conformed perfectly to our needs.  The feedback from all of the participants was very positive.  Many of our officers stated we should provide this training to all personnel.  They felt the information was timely, useful and most importantly, directly related to their positions.  Amy customized the delivery to allow for questions, “what ifs” and scenarios the officers could easily relate to.  It is my intent to utilize Amy in our future training needs.”
Mark Burdick, Interim Fire Chief, City of Glendale


“Excellent quality training presented in a way employers can understand.”  
Cliff Diamond, Chief of Police, Lakeland, Fla.

“Thank you for your help in meeting the training needs for our bank.  I enjoyed the session and I’ve heard very positive feedback from our managers who attended.  I think they have a good opportunity to take a great deal from the program…I look forward to working with you further in the future.”   
Patrick Lamb, General Counsel, First National Bank of Arizona


“The best harassment training I have ever attended.  Very informative…I would definitely recommend this training to others.” …   “Amy has great presentation skills…very open and approachable”….. “Backing up the lessons with real-life cases helped to drive the point home…the manner it was presented to us was excellent.”....   “Good paperwork and manual to follow the speaker…it was a serious subject that I never realized before but Amy made it fun and informative.  All managers and employees should have this training!” 
          Participant comments, First National Bank of Arizona



“Thank you for facilitating our workshop on Building Effective Workplace Communication. Everyone agreed it was a great start – we created motivation and the beginnings of a great team! Your expertise in all sorts of facilitation and your flexibility in allowing the session to take its course came in handy. We have had some very healthy follow up discussion, which is great to see.” 

            Annette Carapellucci, HR Director, Safari Club International


 “Amy Lieberman is a great presenter.  Her checklists were most useful.  Keep her on your list...Amy is awesome!” 
               Participants, on “Conducting Effective Investigations”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you…did I say thank you?  Very engaging, interactive and useful.”…  “Amy is a valuable expert resource…Very worthwhile training!” …“Wonderful – great, concise refresher course.  I can see using this in daily life, not just for investigations. Thank you, thank you!”  
HR managers, PacifiCare




"Amy has an exceptional breadth of experience that provides her with a unique perspective our Company has found to be very effective both in conducting investigations and in providing training."
            Jeff Brodin, APS/Pinnacle West

"Amy Lieberman consistently gives the best seminars I have attended.”
            Judd Williams, District Manager, Arizona Water Co., Arizona

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