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         "Amy is one of the best employment law mediators in Arizona, (if not, the very best) and she has also successfully mediated cases in CA.  She is highly regarded by both defense and plaintiff's attorneys.  I previously worked for the  EEOC and we used her regularly.   She successfully mediated every case I have mediated with her."  - Meenoo Chahbazi, Robaina Law (employee counsel)


      "Littler Mendelson is a national firm, specializing exclusively in labor and employment matters. On numerous occasions, we have requested Ms. Lieberman's mediation assistance in resolving difficult cases. In every instance, Ms. Lieberman has been successful in persuading the parties to agree on a resolution of the case. It is her unique combination of persistence, patience and understanding of personal dynamics which has provided us with these positive results. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Ms. Lieberman's services as a mediator."  

          –J. Mark Ogden, former Managing Shareholder, Littler Mendelson (employer counsel)

        "I didn't get a chance to thank you in person.   My lawyer spoke extremely highly of you before the mediation and said you are absolutely the best there is and now after meeting you I can see why.   Obviously everyone wants more than they walk out with but I am extremely happy to have this behind me and am looking forward to a new year and a new career." 

              - S.Z., employee

"Amy is extremely knowledgeable about labor and employment law.  Her experience as an attorney and her consistent work as a mediator in this field are invaluable.  She is an excellent mediator who can handle and manage very difficult and complex cases and more importantly, relate to a broad spectrum of individuals.  Amy is the best mediator I have used in my 22 years of practice.  She is at the top of my list of mediators."   
         –Michael J. Petitti, Jr., Esq. (employee counsel)

"I just want to thank you again for your time and effort in helping our executives resolve their differences.   I can already see a difference in their attitudes and behavior.   You truly get amazing results.  I value your help greatly." 

- B.D., University Dean, UC System  

"Thank you for your time and expertise that you gave to all of the parties last week to assist in the resolution of the employment issue that I had with my employer.  As you said, no one ever comes out dancing, but I am comfortable with the results and happy that I am able to personally and professionally move forward.  Your experience and professionalism was most certainly a welcoming light during the day!"      
         –Lesley H., Employee   

  "Thanks for doing such a great job mediating with me and my supervisor.   You are a great listener, and kept us on track.  I could tell you listened to things I needed to say, and you gave both of us reality checks when needed.  I don't think we could have made the progress we did without your help.   I was able to come to work today without dreading it, and I think we have a good roadmap to the future." 

          -- H.F., Employee

"I have used Amy's services on several occasions - for employment discrimination, breach of contract, and personal injury cases - and her knowledge of the law, and, most importantly, ability to bring the parties together is truly impressive.  I recommend her services to any attorney or party, regardless of the subject matter."  
         –Robert Gregory, Esq.      


"Today was the first time we used Amy's services. This was a case we actually had little hope would settle at mediation as the parties were over $50,000.00 apart. However, thanks to Amy's skill, creativity, and perseverance we reached a successful settlement. We would definitely use her again."
        –Kristina L. Pywowarczuk, Esq.


"Thank you for your excellent work last week. You took two difficult casses and got them resolved. Thanks again."
        –Todd Schleier, Esq.


"Thank you for your great work, Amy! I didn't think we could get it done, but you far exceeded my expectations."
Becky Covel, Esq.


"Amy recently served as mediator in two of my cases, one involving a private sector former employee and one involving a public sector employee.  Both cases raised difficult and challenging issues.  Amy's work as the mediator significantly contributed to the successful resolution of both cases.  She has many excellent qualities, among which are professionalism, thorough preparation, (i.e. an understanding of the legal and factual issues presented), a judicial demeanor and manner, even-handedness in addressing both sides of their positions, and a concern for the human beings whose cases are being considered.  Amy is a realist who can help both sides assess their positions, and achieve an acceptable compromise.  In both mediations, my clients and I were very impressed with her hard work and, even more important, the clients felt that they were heard, and that the outcome was fair."

          –David Gomez, plaintiff-employee's counsel


"I want to thank you for your extraordinarily effective efforts as a mediator this week.  Because of your patience, creativity and tenacity, we were able to resolve a very complex employment lawsuit.  You are an extraordinarily good listener and quickly focused on the key legal and psychological components to resolving the case.  Your candor was appreciated, and your energy and enthusiasm for your craft were most evident.  You demonstrated a truly unique level of engagement and commitment to the success of the mediation…It was a great pleasure to work with you.  I look forward to recommending you to others and using your services again in the future.”
          –Joseph T. Clees, employer’s attorney, 
Ogletree Deakins  


“She stuck with the process and brought two hideously disparate groups to resolution (without bloodshed).  Absolutely amazing.”

          –N. Cheatham, employee


"As a shareholder at the law firm of Littler Mendelson, I have practiced exclusively in the area of employment litigation for the past twelve years. I recently used Ms. Lieberman in a case involving two defendants and multiple claims. Ms. Lieberman was very prepared and knowledgeable about the legal issues. She managed to get the case resolved even though the parties were very far apart when we started. I would definitely use Amy as a mediator again, and I recommend her very highly."

          –Mary Jo Foster, employer's attorney

“Amy Lieberman is an exceptional mediator”
          –Dr. Alex Martinez, Superintendent,
KayentaSchool District

"Thank you so much for accepting to be the mediator in my case against Ms. X and her associates.  I am very pleased with your handling of the mediation session.  I am satisfied with your work and mediation to make a successful settlement."     

          –Tina D., employee

“In a case which I thought could not be settled, Ms. Lieberman’s tenacity and grasp of the problems brought both sides to a reasonable and fair resolution.  I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs excellent ADR.”

Lowell Finson, employee’s attorney

“I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for serving as our mediator…before we met with you, our clients were light years apart regarding the potential settlement of their dispute.  After meeting with you, both parties were able to vent their frustrations and come to the realization that litigation would be expensive, time-consuming and counterproductive…You not only helped us resolve our legal dispute, you instilled feelings of mutual trust and goodwill that will serve the parties well as they continue to work together in the future.”
Stephen Montoya, employment attorney

“Recently the City of
Phoenix participated in a successful mediation process conducted by Amy Lieberman.  By the time the department decided to try mediation, the two sides were dealing with two EEOC charges and were right in the middle of a formal hearing on one PERB charge.  The employee had decided that he could no longer work in the department and was out of work for months; the department did not have the much-needed  services of the employee…The mediation lasted one full day and in that time Amy Lieberman was able to get both sides to come to a middle ground which would have the employee return to work and the charges dropped….An agreement was reached and what had taken hundreds of hours to deal with previously was concluded in one day of mediation…We were relieved that the employee’s issues were resolved and overjoyed that we would not have to spend any more time defending allegations…The whole mediation process was a success and absolutely worthwhile.” 
          –Kevin Hobin, Personnel Officer II

“Amy Lieberman’s assistance was ultimately professional in terms of thoroughness, timeliness and trust…Her method is collegial and consultative.  She created a situation that resulted in a smother, more healing process and acceptable outcome.”
          –C.G. Gooch, Dir. EA, Human Services Executive

“Our first experience with Insight Employment Mediation was terrific.  It was our most successful employment mediation ever.”

          –Glenn Thompson, PHR, Director of HR, Truly Nolen of

“Amy Lieberman is a skilled problem-solver and mediator.  She has the unique, intuitive ability to understand the pivotal elements of a complex interpersonal conflict situation and then to fashion an agreement that contains the key elements to satisfy both parties.”
Dan Schmidt, Director of HR, City of Scottsdale

“Amy is not only one of the most knowledgeable employment lawyers I know, she is perhaps the best student of human nature.  I have seen first-hand how well that combination of skills and interests, coupled with her genuine ability to see both sides of an issue, can work in a mediation setting.  I recommend her highly as a mediator.”
          –Mike Moberly, employment law attorney

“Amy Lieberman is a terrific mediator - bright, thorough and “to the point”. I highly recommend her, and I would use her even in non-employment cases.” 

Carmen Chenal, employment and commercial attorney

“After Amy became involved, a fair, quick, and mutually beneficial severance package was negotiated that far exceeded what I could have achieved on my own.  I’m now in a more comfortable position and have ample time and resources to decide what my next career path will be.  Amy was a compassionate listener, and a very caring person, which is most important in a vulnerable time like this.  I truly appreciate Amy and wholeheartedly recommend her to assist in any employee/employer disputes.” 

          –Becky Garcia, former Executive Director, Scottsdale/PV YMCA

“I wanted to express my appreciation for the wonderful job you did in mediating our recent EEOC charge.  Going into the mediation, I expected that we would not be able to resolve the charge, given the strong feelings and concerns of each party.  However, with your assistance and thoughtful suggestions, we were able to reach a resolution that seemed to satisfy Complainant as much as it did us.  You clearly understood the applicable law and presented the relevant issues impartially, without trying to force or badger a resolution.  You retained your credibility throughout the mediation.  I will definitely contact you if we have another need for mediation services.  Again, thank you for your great work.” 

          –Andrew Gold, Labor and Employee Relations Counsel, Pitney Bowes

“Amy handled the process quite well and kept the parties negotiating reasonably well under difficult circumstances….due in large part to Amy’s post-mediation follow up, the matter resolved.  I would not hesitate to use Amy as a mediator in the future or to recommend her to colleagues.”

          –Jay Zweig, employment law attorney

“One of our female truck drivers had filed a claim for sexual harassment with the EEOC.  Ms. Lieberman was extremely knowledgeable about the area of harassment and discrimination, and presented what appeared to us to be a balanced view of the facts and potential legal risks of a court proceeding.  We arrived at a mediated settlement that was acceptable to all parties.  When we left the mediation, we were struck by the thought that we could have mediated this case at a lower level and saved much in terms of legal expense and disruption of the workplace.  We were so impressed with Ms. Lieberman’s conflict resolution skills…I believe Amy to be balanced, fair and neutral with respect to the interests of both employees and employers.  I highly recommend Amy…”

          –Bob Campbell, General Manager, Hurley Transportation

“Amy brings years of municipal and public safety experience, a pleasant disposition, boundless energy, and a willingness to find creative employer-employee solutions based on solid principles of employment law, yet with a real “human” side…”
          –Dee Taylor, former Executive Assistant Chief of Police, City of Scottsdale  

“Very effective…calm, patient and thoughtful.”

          –Rebecca Kleinman, employee’s attorney

"Ms. Lieberman is a skilled mediator who has worked with both our physicians and our board of directors. Participants came away with an increased awareness of both their own and other people's motivations, and how their behaviors affected each other."

          –Linda Gorey, CEO, Clinica Adelante

"This letter is to express my appreciation in so effectively assisting the parties in resolving their dispute.  This was the second time I have been before you.  This case was a defense matter and in my previous case, I was counsel for the plaintiff.  It was interesting to contrast your fair and reasonable settlement approach from both viewpoints.  Both cases were particularly challenging, but you resolved them."
          –Steven Harrison, Attorney

"As Canadian employers we were apprehensive of the process and the fairness or objectivity of the mediation.  Amy Lieberman quickly worked with us to understand the "rules and expected outcomes" of mediation.  Her style of working with us, the employer, and our employee demonstrated an exceptional ability to listen, and understand the different perception of the same events, the goals of each party and finally to reach a reasonable outcome.  Amy is an extremely effective mediator."  

          –Mary Anne Davidson, V.P. Human Resources, Custom House Global Exchange, Ltd.; Larry Bigam, District Manager


"I would like to thank Amy Lieberman for her services.  This was such a success.  Other attempts were failed.  We were able to negotiate fairly, peacefully and quickly.  I can now resume my life and know that justice has prevailed.  Thank you, Amy, you were professional yet personal."
          –Joan Baca




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