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“I am the Vice President of the American Arbitration Association (AAA) for its Arizona and New Mexico regional office. I write to advise that Ms. Lieberman was recruited in 2002 to be on the Employment Panel as an Arbitrator because of her knowledge, reputation and experience in employment-related disputes.  All AAA panelists are reviewed on a regular basis and only those of exceptional quality and acceptability remain on the panel….Ms. Lieberman also serves on our Employment Advisory Council, a group of local AAA arbitrators willing to volunteer their time to promote the benefits of alternative dispute resolution and to seek ways to improve mediation and arbitration services to our clients…I am also aware of her experience with public sector employment hearings and highly recommend her as a Hearing Officer.” 
          –Kimberly Moore, V.P. of American Arbitration Association, Arizona and New Mexico

"The AAA appreciates not only the fine service you have rendered, but also your support of private arbitration... We are proud to have you as a member of our National Panel."
          –Alma Navarro, Case Manager, American Arbitration Association

"Recently, I represented a party in an employment lawsuit.  Based on Ms. Lieberman's knowledge and experience in employment law, the litigants agreed to have Ms. Lieberman arbitrate their dispute.  Ms Lieberman was cordial to the parties, attentive to and respectful of their positions and gave them a full and fair opportunity to "have their day in court."  Ms. Lieberman effectuated the goals of arbitration by providing the parties with a fair, efficient and cost-effective forum for resolving their dispute."
          –Eric Dowell, Bryan Cave LLP

"Thank you for your effort in arbitrating my claims.  I felt very confident going into the process...I definitely recommend your services to any potential employee filing for arbitration."
          –Matt T., employee

“Amy has done quite a bit of speaking on the Arizona Supreme Court rule mandating good faith consideration of ADR in every civil case.  She is bright and personable, and is well-known and well-respected in the ADR community.
          –Greg Fretz, Labor Relations Administrator, City of Phoenix 


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