Mediation Success: Get It Out, Get It Over and Get Back to Business 


Amy Lieberman wrote this practical guide so all companies will know that there is a better way to resolve disputes, and that mediation tools and techniques preserve both relationships and capital. 

Lieberman is an ACR Advanced Practitioner in Workplace Mediation and Employment Arbitration and is among the top 5% of lawyers in ADR as recognized in "Southwest Super Lawyers," "Best Lawyers in America" and "Ranking Arizona's Top Lawyers" in ADR. 

Join Amy on her mission to get all businesses to wholeheartedly embrace mediation.  Learn the process, the psychology, and the solutions to overcoming workplace conflict in the conference room and in the courtroom from one of the best lawyers in America! 

"Amy is now the "It Girl" of mediation!  She's already a widely known and highly respected professional in the mediation career field.  This insightful, well-organized and inspiring work will no doubt cast a positive, seismic shift in Alternative Dispute Resolution.  This book is a must-read for all current and aspiring mediators seeking to sharpen their mediation skills and move to the next level."   

- Kevin Osterman, EEOC Mediator     

"Mediation Success is a unique, insightful, accurate and inspiring guide to navigating and resolving workplace conflict.  If you have a problem, this book has the solution!"

-       Kris Culbertson, Esq.,  Littler Mendelson National Employment Law Firm

"Amy, I have so enjoyed reading and applying the ideas in your Mediation Success book!  One of your simplest and yet most powerful ideas helped in a difficult class action wage and hour mediation. It is the idea of having people introduce themselves at the start of the mediation. I saw, over the course of the mediation, how the plaintiff's lawyer began to see the defendant, who had been demonized by the named plaintiff, as a flawed and imperfect, but not evil, person after the defendant's introduction of himself!"


-       Sandy Lindoerfer, Esq.,  Mediator and Arbitrator


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Mediation Success not only explores the settlement of disputes through mediation, but provides a guide to conflict management and avoidance in the context of workplace discord.  Amy Lieberman brings her extensive firsthand experience in workplace conflict management and dispute resolution to life through numerous examples drawn for her own practice, and vividly demonstrates that often it is not just about the money. Mediation Success is essential for everyone involved in workplace conflict management, and is filled with insights and recommendations equally applicable to mediation and conflict management outside the employment arena.”

-       Sherman Fogel, former chair,  ADR Section, State Bar of Arizona 

"As a practicing MD/Radiologist, I have heard thousands of lectures.  Mediation Success was in the top 3 -- and I forget the other 2!"     

-       PJ Silverman, MD 

"Amy is one of the nation's top mediators with an extraordinary record of success.  Her unique and winning formula is invaluable for organizations of all sizes.  This book is a "must read" for those interested in the resolution of workplace challenges."    

-       Joseph T. Clees, Esq., Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C

"Mediation Success is a no nonsense approach to mediation that uses common sense approaches to the "I can live with it" solutions.  This is the mediator's must-read, "how to" book!"  

-       Kathy Serrano  

How Mediation is an Effective Way to End Workplace Wars:
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Insight Mediation resolves your conflict - When it counts
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